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Global Investigations Review is the leading source of news and insight for the international investigations community, providing all the market intelligence needed by corporate counsel, private practitioners, government enforcers and academics. Our dedicated team of journalists produces original news content every day, focusing on internal and government led investigations, and tackling issues ranging from due process to data protection. No other service covers this range of content in such depth, and with such an international perspective. The unique content ensures a unique readership.

Complementing our journalists’ content, The Investigations Review of the Americas – GIR’s first special report – offers a different perspective, rooted in the practical, front-line experience that all our authors share. Contributors were selected because of their knowledge of this complex area: here, the expertise which helps their clients manage the risks in cross-border investigations every day is made available for the broader community, enabling practitioners to better understand and handle the most important issues.

Putting these practical issues at the centre, The Investigations Review of the Americas has a unique substantive focus, looking at 'investigations' as a skillset in its own right. Chapters cover real-life questions such as Handling internal investigations, Establishing effective corporate compliance, White collar defence, Managing relationships with government enforcers, and Whistleblowers and self-reporting. Because this is such a diverse and rapidly-changing field, there is of course enormous scope for expanding the reach of future editions, both by broadening the jurisdictional coverage and deepening the substantive content. Readers are invited to contact GIR with suggestions for new topics they'd like to see, or to recommend potential authors: we welcome all feedback.

Global Investigations Review also exists to promote dialogue and interaction among investigations specialists. We strongly encourage readers and co-authors of The Investigations Review of the Americas to connect and share comments – that’s why we’ve included full contact details of every author.

Finally, GIR would like to announce The European, Middle Eastern, and African Investigations Review coming soon. For more information, please contact GIR's Co-publishing team at [email protected].

We hope you find The Investigations Review of the Americas informative and useful - thank you for reading.

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