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DoJ expects more cooperation between US and Latin American enforcers

Cooperation between US and Latin American law enforcers will continue to increase according to James Koukios, senior deputy chief of the fraud section in the criminal division of the US Department of Justice, who urged companies to cooperate with authorities.

22 October 2014

DoJ points to sectors most vulnerable to corruption in LatAm

Evidence from investigations around Latin America suggests that the extractive, utilities and health sectors are among those most vulnerable to corruption, says James Koukios, senior deputy chief of the fraud section in the criminal division of the US Department of Justice.

17 October 2014

Two weeks to go until São Paulo Anti-Corruption Conference

Only two weeks to go until Latin Lawyer and GIR’s 2nd Annual Anti-Corruption & Investigations Conference, which takes place on Thursday 16 October at the Tivoli Hotel in São Paulo.

29 September 2014

Venezuela: overview

Featured in The Investigations Review of the Americas 2015

The use of intermediaries to obtain licences, authorisations or permits from the goverment and the Venezuelan Law against CorruptionRegrettably, it has become very common for multinational and Venezuelan corporations to hire 'service providers' who have or pretend to have influence on public officials to obtain authorisations, licences or permits to which the corporations are entitled from the Venezuelan government.

17 September 2014

Report urges greater protection for whistleblowers in LatAm’s biggest companies

Corporate counsel in Latin America have a key role in promoting codes of conduct that encourage misconduct to be reported, but more needs to be done to ensure whistleblowers receive explicit protection from retaliation or alienation, according to recent research into the business ethics of Latin America’s biggest companies.

29 August 2014

US investigates Venezuelan energy company

Venezuelan energy company Derwick Associates is under investigation by federal and New York City prosecutors for potentially violating New York banking law, according to the Wall Street Journal.

11 August 2014

Auditors deny liability for failing to spot foreign bribery scheme

Bankrupt broker Direct Access Partners argues its auditors failed to spot a multi-million dollar foreign bribery scheme that led to the collapse of the company.

07 August 2014

Arnold & Porter lawyer opens DC arbitration boutique

Latin American specialist Margarita Sánchez, a former associate at Arnold & Porter, has opened an arbitration and anti-corruption boutique in Washington, DC. By Leo Szolnoki.

12 June 2014

New York executives charged in Venezuela bribery case

Two former executives of New York-based broker-dealer Direct Access Partners have been charged with setting up a multi-million kickback scheme with a senior Venezuelan state bank official.

16 April 2014

Venezuelan official pleads guilty in US bribery case

A senior official who worked for a Venezuelan state-owned development bank has pleaded guilty to taking bribes from a US-based brokerage business.

18 November 2013

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