Region: Venezuela

The slow progress of anti-corruption reforms in Mexico and Central America

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Mexico

Holland & Knight partner Emil Infante and associate Manuel Miranda consider the anti-corruption strategies of Mexico and several Central American countries and make a case for why the countries should establish independent bodies with investigative and prosecutorial powers.

18 July 2018

Colombia investigating 12 companies over alleged bribery

08 May 2018

Former Venezuelan judge accuses president of corruption tied to Odebrecht

27 April 2018

How US investigators untangled the PDVSA bribery scheme

The testimony of a Homeland Security agent has revealed how investigators uncovered an alleged PDVSA bribery scheme by searching private planes and finding documents with suspiciously large and rounded payments.

20 April 2018

The Odebrecht Fact Sheet

Despite reaching a settlement with US, Brazilian and Swiss authorities over a year ago, the fallout from Odebrecht’s bribery scheme continues with the company agreeing two additional settlements and Latin American prosecutors charging more public officials.

13 February 2018

Venezuela’s former chief prosecutor provides evidence to US

16 October 2017

Ousted Venezuela prosecutor meets Mexico AG

01 September 2017

Venezuela's former chief prosecutor implicates Maduro in Odebrecht bribery scheme

24 August 2017

Venezuela investigates attorney general

21 June 2017

Oil company president charged in Petróleos de Venezuela graft case

21 March 2017

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