Region: Venezuela

Italian prosecutor in favour of extraditing former PDVSA president to Venezuela

15 July 2021

Alleged Venezuelan drug trafficker named in FinCEN Files fights US sanctions

A Venezuelan businessman accused of helping the country’s former vice president traffic narcotics has launched a legal challenge against US sanctions that he says have devastated his business operations and reputation.

30 June 2021

PDVSA loses corruption restitution bid

A federal judge rejected a restitution bid made by Venezuela’s state oil company even though the request was made on behalf of the country’s interim government – not Maduro’s administration.

21 June 2021

Former PDVSA general counsel avoids prison

Edoardo Orsoni received three years’ probation after providing “substantial assistance” to the DOJ’s investigation into corruption at PDVSA’s joint ventures.

21 April 2021

Businessman admits to bribing Venezuelan prosecutor to fend off corruption probe

The businessman pleaded guilty in the US to paying off a Venezuelan official to protect his companies from prosecution concerning a corruption investigation into PDVSA’s joint ventures.

20 April 2021

Unsealed records show another Citgo prosecution

A former Citgo official had been cooperating with the US government’s investigation into Venezuelan corruption and was set to testify at the trial of an ex-colleague, recently unsealed court records show.

06 April 2021

Lines blur between US agencies on corruption cases

There is an increasing medley of agents working on huge corruption investigations concerning Latin America. “Everybody’s playing in the same pool,” a former prosecutor said.

01 April 2021

Geneva prosecutors close probe into Venezuela businessman wanted in US

26 March 2021

UK law firm to give up 1MDB-linked funds

Clyde & Co can release $325 million held on behalf of an arbitration client to the High Court in London after a US federal court dismissed an arrest warrant targeting the funds.

23 March 2021

Ex-Citgo manager pleads guilty after “slew of new allegations”

A former Citgo manager pleaded guilty after arguing that prosecutors “bombarded” him with discovery from his taxes days before trial. The development means the DOJ’s instrumentality theory for Citgo won’t be put to the test.

22 March 2021

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