Region: Venezuela

Venezuelan citizen hit with FCPA charges over food contract scheme

Orlando Alfonso Contreras Saab routed roughly $6.3 million through Florida as part of a corrupt scheme to bribe a Venezuelan state governor in exchange for lucrative food contracts, the DOJ alleges.

13 September 2023

Former PDVSA official to forfeit $18 million

Luis Carlos de León Pérez will also spend a year and a day in prison and pay a $470,000 fine for accepting bribes in exchange for lucrative contracts.

08 August 2023

Dismissal of PDVSA bribery case could inspire further speedy trial challenges

Lawyers say a Texas judge's tersely worded rebuke of prosecutors for intentionally delaying trial proceedings against a Swiss-Portuguese banker has the potential to become a citeable precedent with "very positive effects" for the white-collar defence bar.

22 June 2023

US appeals court upholds warrant for 1MDB-linked funds in UK

15 June 2023

Former top lawyer at PDVSA gets three-year prison sentence

DOJ prosecutors had recommended an eight-year prison term for Alvaro Nass after he pleaded guilty in March to receiving more than $11 million in bribes in a corruption scheme that took place between 2012 and 2017 at Venezuela’s state oil company.

13 June 2023

FCPA Docket: Ex-Goldman Sachs banker asks court to delay surrender

A 1MDB defendant asked to push back his surrender date to spend time with his family, an oil trader moved to dismiss accusations that he bribed officials in Mexico in a case revolving around the Ecuadorian state oil company, and the former treasurer of Venezuela will appeal against her 15-year prison sentence.

01 May 2023

Banknote security business to pay $90 million Swiss foreign bribery penalty

The resolution comes two years after SICPA paid over $151 million to settle allegations that the company bribed public officials in Brazil.

27 April 2023

Former Venezuelan treasurer, husband get 15 years in prison for money-laundering

A court in Southern Florida also ordered Claudia Patricia Díaz Guillen and her husband to forfeit $136 million for their roles in a scheme to give a TV mogul illegal access to an artificially high exchange rate.

20 April 2023

US crypto platform settles OFAC investigation

California-based Uphold HQ has become the latest company in the cryptocurrency space to face an enforcement action for alleged failures to comply with US sanctions.

03 April 2023

Fifth Circuit revives PDVSA cases

An appeals court overturned a Texas federal judge’s decision to dismiss the DOJ's bribery and money laundering cases against two Swiss citizens for lack of jurisdiction.

09 February 2023

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