Region: United States of America

US, allies to crack down on Russia neighbours assisting sanctions evasion

Ahead of the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said the US along with its EU and G7 allies would renew efforts to punish sanctions evaders.

21 February 2023

OFAC asks Austrian bank for information on Russia-linked activity

20 February 2023

A Harvard professor registered as a foreign agent. Should he have?

The US has recently stepped up enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, but some lawyers say the law is antiquated and overdue for an update.

17 February 2023

Lisa Monaco announces task force to protect advanced technology

The DOJ will collaborate with the Department of Commerce to strengthen export controls surrounding supercomputing and other emerging technologies.

16 February 2023

Court halts ex-Deutsche Bank trader’s use of prosecution documents in civil case

A US court has ordered ex-Deutsche Bank trader Matthew Connolly to stop using discovery from a criminal case in a lawsuit against his former employer.

16 February 2023

ASML data theft may have breached export controls

Dutch semiconductor company ASML said it may have inadvertently breached international export controls after an employee in China stole some of its trade secrets.

15 February 2023

Sons of former Panamanian president to forfeit nearly $38m

The Martinelli brothers will forfeit assets including a Miami condo and a $1 million immigration bond for their role in the wide-reaching Odebrecht bribery scheme.

14 February 2023

New Cadwalader partners: prosecutors around the world are “back to work”

Since Covid-19 restrictions began to permanently lift worldwide in early 2022, every month has been busier than the last, Martin Weinstein and Jeffrey Clark told GIR upon joining their new firm.

14 February 2023

Glencore monitors chosen

Two US nationals, supported by two Swiss lawyers, will oversee the commodities trader’s compliance obligations stemming from its 2022 foreign bribery and market manipulation plea agreements in the US.

13 February 2023

Former pilot alleges “ongoing criminal wrongdoing” at Boeing

13 February 2023

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