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DOJ charges third Vekselberg “enabler” over sanctions breaches

US prosecutors have charged a New York-based Russian with money laundering and sanctions evasion for allegedly helping his “close friend”, a sanctioned oligarch, take care of his US property portfolio.

08 February 2023

South African airline sues Boeing over 737 Max deals

08 February 2023

Ethnic prejudice questions surface in Fifa bribery trial

A judge ordered all sides of the ongoing Fifa trial to stop submitting filings about a motion to sever the case based on allegations that arguments presented by the government and a corporate co-defendant are prejudicial.

07 February 2023

US court rules Russian oligarch must forfeit $5.4 million

The cash forfeiture is the first such victory for the Justice Department unit tasked with investigating sanctions evasion by Moscow officials and other Kremlin-aligned elites.

06 February 2023

Lawyers say DOJ policy change won’t yield more self-disclosures

The DOJ hopes to reel in more reports of corporate wrongdoing by offering greater incentives for cooperation, but lawyers say companies likely won't take the bait. Still, some say the new rewards will give legal departments more “ammunition” to invest in compliance.

03 February 2023

Boeing defends not guilty plea at DPA hearing

03 February 2023

Boeing victims claim company violated DPA with recent not guilty plea

02 February 2023

FCPA Docket: US senator reintroduces bill to crack down on American corruption in China

Republican US Senator Marco Rubio, one of the top China hawks in Congress, re-introduced a bill to crack down on American companies that engage in corruption that benefits the Chinese government; A Manhattan federal court ordered a disgraced businessman to pay his former lawyers $2.6 million in unpaid legal fees stemming from an FCPA conviction.

01 February 2023

US urges allies to ramp up enforcement of export controls amid Russia-Ukraine war

The call for stricter export controls enforcement follows reports that Russia is attacking Ukrainian civilians with drones built with parts manufactured by US companies.

01 February 2023

DOJ subpoenas Tesla over driver assist technology

01 February 2023

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