Region: Turkey

Giuliani, Mukasey do not represent Turkish banker in Zarrab case

28 April 2017

US pushes back against Giuliani “inaccurate characterisation” of Zarrab case

Manhattan prosecutors have accused former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani of trying to downplay the seriousness of Turkish businessman Reza Zarrab’s alleged sanctions violations.

25 April 2017

Zarrab counsel and prosecutors prepare for next round of conflict hearings

19 April 2017

US federal court to decide on Giuliani conflict of interest matter

06 April 2017

What Giuliani and Mukasey did in Turkey not court's business, says Zarrab's lawyer

03 April 2017

US arrests Turkish banker in Reza Zarrab probe

29 March 2017

Zarrab fights to retain witness counsel

A Turkish gold trader awaiting trial for conspiracy to violate Iran sanctions says he will allow HSBC to see his defence filings before they become public to circumvent a potential conflict of interest.

10 January 2017

Prosecutors highlight potential conflict for Zarrab counsel

21 November 2016

Zarrab denied request for Turkey warrant authentication

16 November 2016

Gold trader did not violate US law, defence counsel argue

06 October 2016

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