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Atilla sentenced to 32 months jail

17 May 2018

Turkish banker convicted of conspiring to evade Iran sanctions

A jury in Manhattan has found Mehmet Hakan Atilla guilty of conspiring to evade US sanctions.

04 January 2018

Ankara prosecutors investigate family of Turkish president

01 December 2017

Zarrab says he paid bribes to Turkey’s former minister of economic affairs

A Turkish-Iranian gold trader testified in Manhattan court on 29 November that he paid tens of millions of euros in bribes to Turkey’s former minister of economic affairs in an effort to circumvent US sanctions on Iran. Dylan Tokar in New York.

30 November 2017

German prosecutors reward cooperation in Atlas foreign bribery settlement

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Germany

Atlas Elektronik’s cooperation and new compliance programme helped the company avoid a fine in its foreign bribery settlement with German prosecutors.

06 June 2017

Judge rules Giuliani and Mukasey can represent Reza Zarrab

01 June 2017

Preet Bharara talks Zarrab, Comey and Trump at Oxford Union

Former Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara has spoken out about the day he was fired by US President Donald Trump and about why Robert Mueller is best-placed to investigate the US administration’s alleged links with Russia, in a rare appearance in the UK.

31 May 2017

Giuliani's government ties spark privilege wrangle

US prosecutors say that Iranian gold trader Reza Zarrab could inadvertently waive privilege by communicating with Rudy Giuliani, whom he has hired to act on his behalf.

24 May 2017

Atilla’s lawyers disclose Turkey ties in Zarrab case

18 May 2017

Court asks Zarrab counsel to supplement record on Giuliani and Mukasey roles

16 May 2017

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