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Sanctions docket: Taiwan, Brunei companies convicted over Iran tech sales

In a round-up of the latest sanctions developments, two businesses have pleaded guilty to conspiring to breach US sanctions against Iran, and Canada has purportedly set its sights on the assets of a sanctioned Russian airline.

19 April 2023

Chinese export control penalties a “warning” to US businesses over Taiwan arms sales

China recently issued export control penalties against Lockheed Martin and Raytheon that could reach billions of dollars. Lawyers don’t expect them to pay a cent, but other companies might not be so lucky.

13 March 2023

Hong Kong regulator fines four banks over anti-money laundering breaches

Hong Kong’s banking regulator has fined Swiss lender UBS, Commercial Bank of China and two other banks for historic anti-money laundering breaches.

22 November 2021

Former top scientist at US biotech company convicted of trade secret theft conspiracy

08 July 2021

Taiwan regulator boosts whistleblower payments

08 January 2021

Taiwan's UMC nears US trade secret theft settlement

Taiwanese chip maker United Microelectronics Company has agreed to pay $60 million and plead guilty to resolve one of the most closely-watched corporate trade secret theft cases in the US.

22 October 2020

Major Taiwanese bank facing sanctions probe

The Taipei-headquartered Mega International Commercial Bank is under investigation in the US over potential breaches of sanctions on Iran.

21 October 2020

Proposed amendment to Hong Kong’s extradition law faces backlash from all sides

Featured in Investigator’s Guide to Hong Kong

Lawyers say that the government’s proposed amendment to change Hong Kong’s extradition laws to allow suspects to be handed over to mainland China raises fundamental concerns due to shortcomings in China’s legal system.

26 March 2019

Taiwan investigates Sri Lankan money-laundering scheme

10 October 2017

Taiwan's financial regulator gets new leader after Mega Bank controversy

21 October 2016

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