Region: Switzerland

Prosecutors request €2 billion fine in French UBS tax evasion appeal

23 March 2021

BaFin poaches new president from Switzerland’s Finma

22 March 2021

Anti-money laundering weaknesses thwart Bitcoin Suisse’s bank licence application

17 March 2021

Whistleblower accuses Credit Suisse of violating tax evasion DPA

15 March 2021

Cooperation shaves Swiss bank’s US tax evasion penalty

The US settlement resolves allegations against Rahn+Bodmer that it helped US citizens evade millions of dollars in tax, including customers departing UBS while it was facing its own tax evasion investigation.

12 March 2021

Swiss arbitration stalls Mozambique’s Tuna Bonds bribery claim against Privinvest

Mozambique’s UK lawsuit against Abu Dhabi shipbuilder Privinvest over alleged bribery linked to fishing boat contracts will not be heard until the conclusion of a related Swiss arbitration.

11 March 2021

Switzerland postpones hunt for attorney general

11 March 2021

Switzerland drops controversial legal anti-money laundering provision

Switzerland has dropped a proposal that could have forced lawyers to disclose the services they provide to corporate clients to an independent third party as a measure to counter the flow of illicit money.

10 March 2021

Fifa president cannot access former Swiss AG’s criminal file

09 March 2021

Israel asks Switzerland for tax data on citizens and related companies

08 March 2021

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