Region: Sweden

Clifford Chance takes lead in Swedbank investigation

A Washington, DC, based lawyer who recently represented UniCredit Bank in a sanctions probe is taking the lead in Swedbank’s investigation into money laundering allegations.

30 April 2019

Swedbank announces new anti-financial crime unit

25 April 2019

Swedish political parties call for review of financial regulator's resourcing

24 April 2019

Browder files money-laundering complaint against Swedbank in Latvia

17 April 2019

Estonia expands Danske investigation to include Swedbank

Estonia’s State Prosecutor’s Office has announced that it has added a criminal complaint filed by Bill Browder against Swedbank over alleged money laundering to its current investigation into Danske Bank.

15 April 2019

Swedbank chairman resigns amid money laundering scandal

05 April 2019

Sweden drops Browder complaint against Swedbank

02 April 2019

Swedbank fires CEO

28 March 2019

Swedish authorities raid Swedbank over unauthorised disclosure allegations

27 March 2019

Swedbank was reportedly aware of money laundering concerns in 2013

26 March 2019

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