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Ericsson looks to bulk up compliance department

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Ericsson’s head of compliance for global affairs will be expected to “stimulate, enhance and evolve” the company’s ethics and compliance programme as the leader of a newly-formed unit.

10 January 2024

Swedish prosecutor: no place for my personal feelings in historic war crimes trial

For the first time in Swedish legal history, authorities want to hold an oil company and its executives liable for aiding and abetting war crimes. In a complicated and emotionally charged case, lead prosecutor Henrik Attorps is clear on one thing: only the facts and the law matter.

20 October 2023

Swedish financial authority closes Ericsson probe

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority closed an inquiry into whether the telecommunications company was required to disclose its internal investigation into misconduct in Iraq, Ericsson disclosed.

18 October 2023

Landmark corporate war crime trial to kick off in Sweden

The trial of Lundin Energy and two executives for alleged complicity in war crimes in Sudan is set to last two-and-and-half years.

04 September 2023

Former Ericsson exec who bribed Djibouti officials avoids prison time

Carlo Alloni was the first collaborator the government found in its investigation into bribes that earned the company roughly $7 million in profits in Djibouti.

29 June 2023

Swedish gambling companies fined £7.1 million in UK over AML failures

23 March 2023

Swedbank fined $80 million for IT controls failures

16 March 2023

Swedbank sets aside $3.7m for potential OFAC settlement

10 March 2023

Swedish prosecutors may challenge Swedbank ex-CEO’s acquittal

25 January 2023

Ericsson agrees to extend monitorship by one year

The company told GIR it will keep its bribery monitorship until 2 June, 2024.

15 December 2022

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