Region: Sweden

Former Ericsson executives cleared over Djibouti bribery scheme

A Swedish court acquitted four former executives at Stockholm-based telecoms company Ericsson who were accused of bribing high-ranking Djibouti officials including the country’s president to win a lucrative equipment contract.

22 June 2022

Swedish prosecutor: media reports contributed to new Ericsson probe

The Swedish prosecutor leading a new investigation into allegations of bribery in Iraq by telecoms company Ericsson told GIR his primary focus is determining the culpability of individuals.

25 April 2022

Sweden opens new Ericsson probe over Iraq bribery claims

21 April 2022

Swedbank summoned by Estonian authorities in money laundering probe

14 March 2022

Sweden fines Trustly Group £10m over AML failures

23 February 2022

Ericsson reveals “corruption-related misconduct” in Iraq

The Swedish telecoms company disclosed the results of a 2019 internal investigation into its business practices in Iraq ahead of planned media coverage on the subject.

16 February 2022

Counsel Watch: Former Swedbank CEO lawyers up

The former head of Swedish lender Swedbank has hired local counsel to fight criminal charges, as has the first defendant in Germany’s Wirecard case.

20 January 2022

Swedbank emails reveal internal deliberations over US money-laundering probe

Recently-released documents appear to show the bank’s chief compliance officer seeking to limit disclosure detailing the bank’s extensive links to clients of the controversial Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca to New York’s financial regulator.

19 January 2022

Swedbank ex-CEO charged over money laundering scandal

Prosecutors have accused the former head of Swedish lender Swedbank, Birgitte Bonnesen, of downplaying the bank’s anti-money laundering failures.

04 January 2022

Bank CEO queries effectiveness of growing compliance bureaucracy

23 November 2021

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