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FCPA docket: US pressured to investigate banks tied to South African scandal

In today’s news round-up, TI calls on US authorities to investigate banks linked to a wealthy family at the centre of an alleged South African corruption scheme and Misonix lines up counsel in an FCPA-related lawsuit.

14 November 2017

Sources contradict McKinsey’s statement on Gupta family

07 November 2017

Former Labour MP calls for investigation into HSBC Gupta transfers

02 November 2017

Zuma challenges independent commission investigation

25 October 2017

UK chancellor asks SFO to investigate potential money laundering from South Africa

19 October 2017

McKinsey admits to some failures in Eskom scandal

17 October 2017

South Africa’s Supreme Court brings back 783 corruption charges against Zuma

16 October 2017

The Gupta Fact Sheet

A corruption scandal surrounding the Guptas, a wealthy family with close ties to South African president Jacob Zuma, has drawn in local and international companies alike and spelled the end for at least one business so far. GIR provides a summary of the developments.

28 September 2017

South Africa finance ministry calls for KPMG investigation

25 September 2017

South Africa delays oil investigation report over KPMG role

21 September 2017

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