Region: Slovakia

EPPO launches probe into companies suspected of tax fraud

14 January 2022

EPPO secures first conviction

24 November 2021

OECD set to review Slovak anti-corruption laws

17 January 2017

Slovakia’s new whistleblower protections fail to make a difference

Slovakia’s first piece of whistleblower legislation, which was introduced this year to protect workers from retaliation by their employers, has failed to encourage people to report wrongdoing, experts say.

26 October 2015

Slovakia creates first whistleblower protections

Slovakian companies will soon have to set up whistleblower programmes, but whether companies will comply with the measures remains to be seen.

09 December 2014

Slovakia boosts whistleblower protection

Slovakia’s parliament, the National Council, has passed legislation protecting employees who make good-faith internal reports of alleged wrongdoing, CMS Ružička Csekes lawyers Sylvia Szabó and Frances Gerrard said in a legal update.

24 November 2014

Hong Kong defence lawyer slams cooperating witness

A defence lawyer has slammed a prosecution's star witness for providing the defence lawyer with the information he was asking for, in an international money laundering case being heard in Hong Kong.

15 August 2014

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