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Monitorships in East Asia

Featured in The Guide to Monitorships - Third Edition

As East Asia’s economic significance continues to rise and its firms take leading positions in the global economy, it is likely that there will be more scrutiny of business practices in the region. The end result is likely to be a greater reliance on third-party monitorships to ensure sound corporate governance, to promote compliance mechanisms and to remediate misconduct by corporate entities.

25 April 2022

Singapore declines to prosecute ex-BSI banker over 1MDB scandal

28 January 2022

Tycoon targets investigations consultancy over alleged data violations

A Singapore resident has sued intelligence provider S-RM over its provision of reports to Morgan Stanley and other clients that allegedly contained unsubstantiated claims of corruption and fraud and may have involved illegal international data transfers.

21 January 2022

US prosecutors accuse NatWest of breaching non-prosecution deal

Connecticut federal prosecutors investigating NatWest for suspected market manipulation have uncovered alleged breaches of an agreement that the UK lender signed in 2017 to avoid fraud charges in a separate case.

29 October 2021

Singapore company denies links to alleged North Korea sanction breaches

Singapore-based energy trading company Winson Group has distanced itself from the findings of a UN report reviewing allegations that the company is a “key node” in the North Korean government’s illicit procurement of fuel.

06 October 2021

DOJ charges Swiss financial services firm over alleged tax evasion scheme

29 September 2021

Singapore tells Binance to halt operations over potential breaches

03 September 2021

Singapore charges UK national in Wirecard-linked probe

Singaporean police have charged a UK national with allegedly taking part in a fraud scheme at a company with links to collapsed German payment company Wirecard.

02 September 2021

Former transport official pleads guilty to bribery in Singapore

27 August 2021

Singapore sentences three for Indonesia bribery

24 August 2021

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