Region: Russian Federation

Court of Appeal dismisses Russian sanctions delisting challenge in UK

Eugene Shvidler’s legal team warned that the ruling renders legal challenges against the UK government’s sanctions designations “virtually impossible” and said they intend to bring the businessman’s case before the Supreme Court “at the earliest opportunity”.

27 February 2024

Ownership and control sanctions case taken up by UK Supreme Court

The court is set to hear arguments in a case that addresses the test to determine when a sanctioned person controls a business under the UK’s sanctions regime.

23 February 2024

Sanctions Docket: UK court upholds sanctions on wife of Alfa Bank owner

A roundup of recent sanctions developments, including a UK court’s decision to maintain sanctions on the wife of an oligarch, a US export control enforcement action against a shipping company, and Ukraine’s arrests of two executives of a Deripaska-owned mining company.

23 February 2024

US charges two oligarchs with sanctions violations

DOJ officials announced separate cases against Andrey Kostin, the President of Russian state-owned bank VTB, and Sergey Kurchenko, a pro-Russian energy and metals magnate, for scheming to launder money through the US financial system.

22 February 2024

Outgoing BIS chief counsel: AI can amplify military capabilities

Upon joining Akin’s Washington, DC, practice, Opher Shweiki discussed the United States’ efforts to make sure artificial intelligence technology doesn’t end up in the hands of foreign adversaries.

21 February 2024

Defendant in UK criminal sanctions evasions case switches counsel

Proceedings in the case against Dmitry Ovsyannikov, a former deputy trade minister in Russia who has been charged with sanctions evasion and money laundering, will resume in March after a switch in defence counsel.

20 February 2024

Sanctions Docket: Santander denies reports of US breaches

In the latest sanctions round-up, Santander has denied a media report that suggested the lender breached US sanctions against Iran, while French prosecutors have charged Lafarge with sanctions evasion and financing terrorist groups.

15 February 2024

Top US export official says large corporate settlements coming

The co-head of a task force created to stem the flow of sensitive US technology to Russia and other adversaries told industry leaders to expect “bigger ticket” resolutions over the next year.

08 February 2024

OFAC official: review our compliance guidance “line by line”

A senior official at the US civil sanctions enforcer said companies that follow the agency’s compliance guidance meticulously are likely to stay out of its enforcement crosshairs and off its sanctions lists.

02 February 2024

First sanctions evasion charges filed in the UK

Prosecutors in the UK have charged former Russian deputy minister Dmitry Ovsyannikov with sanctions evasion and money laundering.

01 February 2024

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