Region: Qatar

Qatar introduces new anti-money laundering law

13 September 2019

FCA opens money laundering probe into Al Rayan bank

23 August 2019

Former Barclays executives face new charges in Qatar fraud case

09 August 2019

Bank of England warned SFO against criminal charges for Barclays

15 May 2019

Deals at heart of SFO’s Barclays case were “commonplace”

The former chairman of Barclays bank said on Tuesday that he was aware of a contentious advisory service agreement between the bank and Qatari investors and that it aligned with the bank’s ambitions to develop closer strategic relationships with the Middle East.

19 February 2019

Legal approval for Barclays-Qatar deal was “nothing more than a smokescreen”

In the first day of trial against four former Barclays executives, the prosecution said that the defendants misled investors by not disclosing that the bank paid Qatar commissions in return for investment.

23 January 2019

Former Barclays executives plead not guilty

15 January 2019

SFO wants Barclays case heard in October

07 August 2018

French football club denies reports it overstated value of sponsorship contracts

12 April 2018

Switzerland steps up MLAT cooperation with Qatar

09 March 2018

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