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Missing Qatari evidence could have bolstered bankers’ defence, court hears

The SFO’s failure to try and retrieve information from Qatar’s lawyers in a fraud trial may have hampered the defence of three former Barclays executives, the judge in the case has said.

28 January 2020

Barclays board would have paid “whatever was necessary” to secure Qatar deal

Barclays would have given all investors a higher commission fee to salvage a crucial 2008 deal with Qatar that is at the heart of an ongoing fraud trial, a court has heard.

16 January 2020

Former Barclays banker failed to follow up on in-house lawyers’ advice, court hears

A defendant in a long-running fraud case has rejected accusations that he failed to heed legal advice on an allegedly illicit deal that he helped the bank agree with Qatari investors.

13 January 2020

Former Barclays banker failed to make records of Qatari deal at critical moment, prosecutor says

A former Barclays executive tasked with netting a lifeline deal with Qatar did not let anyone else see the notes he had taken of a crucial meeting with the country’s investors, a court has heard.

07 January 2020

Barclays-Qatar agreements were “appropriate and signed off”, court hears

The rapid growth of the Qatari sovereign wealth fund and Barclays’ prestige meant both parties were “ready to jump” at the idea of entering into an agreement together, a former Barclays banker has said.

27 November 2019

Ex-Barclays exec “taken aback” by Qatar’s demands for higher commission fees

A former executive at Barclays maintained a jovial relationship with Qatari investors despite their demands for uncharacteristically high commission fees, a court has heard.

26 November 2019

Qatar wanted to be Barclays’ special contact in the Gulf, court hears

A former Barclays executive held meetings alone with the Qatari ex-prime minister to help secure the country’s vital investment in the UK bank, a London court has heard.

25 November 2019

Former Barclays exec was guarded in relationship with Qatar, court hears

A former vice chair at Barclays Capital acknowledged she should have been “pushier” in getting a former executive at the bank to disclose information about its relationship with Qatar, a jury has heard.

18 November 2019

Ex-Barclays banker would have been insane to enter fraudulent agreement with Qatar, court hears

A defence lawyer for a former Barclays banker suspected of fraud has dismissed the SFO’s case, calling it illogical and misconceived.

17 October 2019

Ex-Barclays execs lied to save bank from jeopardy, court hears

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Three former Barclays executives acted dishonestly to save the UK bank from a government bailout during the 2008 financial crisis, a London court has heard.

08 October 2019

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