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Turkish government calls out “demeaning” Halkbank prosecution

The Turkish government said the DOJ’s prosecution of Halkbank has strained political ties between the two countries, describing the US criminal case as “a demeaning move against Türkiye’s dignity”.

25 November 2022

Barclays challenges FCA fine over historic Qatari fundraising

The UK’s financial regulator has hit Barclays with a £50 million penalty over a long-running case which saw the bank defeat related criminal charges in 2018.

21 October 2022

FCA eyes enforcement against Luxembourg bank

03 February 2022

People News: former Fifa integrity manager moves to world anti-doping body

Nicholas Raudenski, a former integrity official at football governing bodies Fifa and Uefa, has become the head of intelligence and investigations at the Lausanne-based International Testing Agency.

09 September 2021

Whistleblower who reported Airbus subsidiary's Saudi bribes leaves organisation

European airplane manufacturer Airbus has let go of the employee who first blew the whistle on a Saudi Arabian bribery scheme that resulted in a subsidiary being convicted of corruption.

02 July 2021

Staveley accused of misunderstanding the term “same deal” in Barclays fraud lawsuit

Barclays has criticised a UK investment firm, which is suing it for alleged fraud, for misinterpreting a former bank executive’s explanation of a multi-billion dollar Middle East fundraising deal.

15 October 2020

Barclays denies deceiving PCP about investment deal

Barclays Bank has rejected allegations that it falsely promised investment firm PCP Capital Partners the same deal as other investors that helped the bank avoid a government bailout.

09 June 2020

Ethical carelessness, sexism and misogyny contributed to Barclays fraud, court hears

Barclays Bank employees knowingly engaged in unethical practices to commit fraud against PCP Capital Partners in a 2008 investment deal, a barrister for the investment firm said.

08 June 2020

Unthinkable that ex-Barclays banker agreed fraud deal over the phone, court hears

The counsel to a former Barclays executive has denounced the SFO’s theory that a complex fraud scheme was conducted over a quick call as “preposterous”.

07 February 2020

Former Barclays exec “no unwitting puppet” in fraud scheme, court hears

A former Barclays executive got “cold feet” about an allegedly fraudulent deal between the bank and Qatar despite having a decisive role in the scheme, a court has heart.

05 February 2020

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