Region: Poland

Adoption agency boss given jail time

The case also considered whether defunct companies may assert privilege to protect documents from discovery.

23 May 2022

Top EU prosecutor: Poland refuses to cooperate with EPPO

16 February 2022

Ex-Goldman Sachs compliance executive charged with insider trading

The Securities and Exchange Commission has accused a former senior compliance analyst at US investment bank Goldman Sachs of committing fraud and insider trading.

30 September 2021

OECD: “serious concern” about Poland’s lack of foreign bribery reforms

22 June 2021

Polish authorities investigate state-owned bank

26 May 2020

Proposed changes to Poland’s criminal code up in the air

Lawyers have told GIR that proposed changes to Poland’s criminal code may be significantly delayed or may not happen at all after the country’s president questioned their constitutionality.

19 July 2019

Polish president rejects changes to penal code

17 July 2019

Former Alstom Power executive found guilty of corruption following retrial

The conviction means all the results of the SFO’s prosecution of Alstom’s subsidiaries Alstom Network UK and Alstom Power and several former executives can now be reported.

19 December 2018

Polish anti-corruption officers arrest seven former financial regulator employees

07 December 2018

Former Polish market regulator charged with corruption

29 November 2018

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