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The Odebrecht Fact Sheet

Despite reaching a settlement with US, Brazilian and Swiss authorities over a year ago, the fallout from Odebrecht’s bribery scheme continues with the company agreeing two additional settlements and Latin American prosecutors charging more public officials.

13 February 2018

Peru authorities to investigate Graña y Montero

01 February 2018

Peru to overhaul corruption legislation hampering construction companies

31 January 2018

New criminal liability law gives Peru's prosecutors the tools to tackle corruption

Peruvian prosecutors have raided the offices of three construction companies as part of a major bribery investigation – just 12 days after the country introduced corporate criminal liability for corruption and money-laundering.

15 January 2018

Peru’s corporate administrative liability law comes into force

11 January 2018

ICYMI: news developments over the holiday season

Happy New Year from the team at GIR! A round-up of news developments from the past two weeks, including Keppel’s trilateral bribery settlement and convictions in the Fifa investigation.

02 January 2018

Peru’s president faces impeachment vote over Odebrecht links

18 December 2017

Peru investigates bribery at Odebrecht local affiliates

14 November 2017

Car Wash investigation targets ex-Rebaza Alcázar partner

Peruvian firm Rebaza Alcázar & De Las Casas has dismissed one of its partners, José Francisco Zaragozá Amiel, after he became the subject of an investigation into corruption involving Brazilian construction company Odebrecht

13 June 2017

German prosecutors reward cooperation in Atlas foreign bribery settlement

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Germany

Atlas Elektronik’s cooperation and new compliance programme helped the company avoid a fine in its foreign bribery settlement with German prosecutors.

06 June 2017

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