Region: Peru

Peruvian Bar Association suspends AG as chaos in prosecution office continues

The ongoing confusion in the Peru Public Prosecutor's Office has delayed the signing of Odebrecht’s December 2018 settlement.

07 January 2019

Peru public prosecutor’s office “in state of emergency”

02 January 2019

Odebrecht reportedly settles with Peru

10 December 2018

Peru football chief arrested in corruption murder probe

07 December 2018

Peruvian entrepreneurs launch “Zero Bribery” programme

29 November 2018

Law firms from 11 Latin American countries unite to develop investigations best practices

Brazilian law firm TozziniFreire has launched a network aimed at developing compliance best practices and enhancing discussion on regional anti-corruption matters.

27 November 2018

Peru’s ex-president requests asylum in Uruguay

19 November 2018

Brazil suspends cooperation with Peru in Odebrecht probe

06 July 2018

Peruvian court orders former president’s release from preventative detention

27 April 2018

Sale of Odebrecht hydroelectric project stalls amid Peru penalty negotiations

07 March 2018

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