Region: Peru

Peru president wins vote of confidence amid fight for anti-corruption reforms

06 June 2019

Peru’s president threatens to dissolve congress over anti-corruption reform

30 May 2019

Brazil makes arrests and Peru charges ex-president in Odebrecht investigation

09 May 2019

Former Peru president has “strong case” for appeal in Odebrecht probe

As Peru’s ex-president appeals against his pre-trial detention, lawyers say prosecutors have failed to justify why he should be jailed for up to three years.

26 April 2019

Peru's former president dies after shooting himself during arrest attempt

17 April 2019

Peruvian judge authorises raids and orders arrest of ex-president in Odebrecht-linked probe

11 April 2019

Peru’s former president arrested in California

19 March 2019

Costa Rica prosecutors raid Scotiabank in Odebrecht probe

22 February 2019

Peru signs collaboration agreement with Odebrecht

Peruvian prosecutors signed a collaboration agreement with Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, which has agreed to provide investigators with information related to ongoing corruption investigations in the country.

18 February 2019

Peru establishes new anti-corruption working group

18 January 2019

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