Region: Panama

Germany beats US in extradition request connected to Panama Papers revelations

German national and former investment manager Dirk Brauer was extradited from France to Germany on 24 January in connection with a money laundering investigation stemming from the Panama Papers data leak.

28 January 2019

US-indicted Mossack Fonseca lawyer arrested in Panama

07 December 2018

US unveils first criminal charges linked to Panama Papers

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The chief of criminal investigations at the IRS said that more investigations into tax fraud are on the way after the US unsealed charges against four individuals tied to Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

05 December 2018

Panama Odebrecht investigation “80% complete”

03 December 2018

Ex-Panama president’s sons arrested in Miami

22 November 2018

DOJ downloaded ICIJ database to use in Panama Papers investigation

16 October 2018

The slow progress of anti-corruption reforms in Mexico and Central America

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Mexico

Holland & Knight partner Emil Infante and associate Manuel Miranda consider the anti-corruption strategies of Mexico and several Central American countries and make a case for why the countries should establish independent bodies with investigative and prosecutorial powers.

18 July 2018

US extradites former president of Panama over wiretapping

12 June 2018

The Odebrecht Fact Sheet

Despite reaching a settlement with US, Brazilian and Swiss authorities over a year ago, the fallout from Odebrecht’s bribery scheme continues with the company agreeing two additional settlements and Latin American prosecutors charging more public officials.

13 February 2018

Finma fines banks for Petrobras and Panama Papers AML breaches

02 February 2018

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