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Turkish government calls out “demeaning” Halkbank prosecution

The Turkish government said the DOJ’s prosecution of Halkbank has strained political ties between the two countries, describing the US criminal case as “a demeaning move against Türkiye’s dignity”.

25 November 2022

US Federal Reserve and DFS fine Pakistani bank over AML failures

The authorities ordered the National Bank of Pakistan to pay $55.4 million over its insufficient anti-money laundering systems and controls.

24 February 2022

NCA must share investigation case file with Pakistan agency

27 January 2022

Large NCA settlement hints at increasing use of asset-freezing powers

Featured in Investigator's Guide to the UK

The UK NCA securing £190 million from a Pakistani property mogul could be a template for how the agency will use asset-freezing orders in the future, lawyers have said.

04 December 2019

UK NCA reaches £190 million settlement with Pakistani national

03 December 2019

News developments over the holiday season

Happy New Year from the team at GIR! A round up of news developments from the past two weeks, including enforcement actions against JPMorgan Chase and Total.

02 January 2019

NCA arrests former Pakistan Peoples Party officer

19 September 2018

Former Pakistan PM sentenced to 10 years over alleged corruption

06 July 2018

Sharif to stand three separate corruption trials

09 November 2017

Pakistan’s ousted prime minister indicted on corruption charges

19 October 2017

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