Region: Norway

Telenor suspends two executives to make way for internal investigation

Norwegian telecoms company Telenor announced on 10 November that it has suspended its general counsel and chief financial officer, pending an investigation by Deloitte into allegations that Vimpelcom, in which it has a 33 per cent stake, paid bribes to win an operating licence in Uzbekistan.

12 November 2015

CEO suspended amid Uzbek bribery probe

Vimpelcom’s former chief executive Jo Lunder, who was arrested in Norway on 4 November for allegedly taking part in a scheme to bribe Gulnara Karimova, the Uzbekistan president's daughter, has been suspended from his new role as chief executive of the Fredriksen Group, an investment shipping and oil company, according to reports.

10 November 2015

Former Vimpelcom CEO arrested in Norway

The Norwegian authorities have reportedly arrested Jo Lunder, the former CEO of Netherlands-based telecoms company Vimpelcom, in connection with an investigation by US and European authorities into allegations that the company paid bribes in Uzbekistan.

05 November 2015

Telenor chairman forced to resign over Vimpelcom bribery probe

The chairman of Norwegian telecom company Telenor, Svein Aaser, resigned on 30 October over the company’s handling of a bribery investigation into Dutch telecom business Vimpelcom, which Telenor owns a 33 per cent stake in.

02 November 2015

Sevan Marine discloses results of internal corruption probe involving Petrobras

Sevan Marine, which designs offshore drilling units, has turned over the results of an internal corruption probe to Norway’s white-collar crime enforcer, Økokrim. In June, the company announced that it had hired Norwegian law firm Selmer to investigate corruption allegations involving Brazil’s state-controlled oil company Petrobras.

19 October 2015

GIR Roundtable: corporate internal investigations

From witnesses’ first accounts to disputes over privilege, a panel of senior and highly experienced government prosecutors and defence practitioners from the UK, the USA, Germany and Norway debate the controversial topic of corporate internal investigations

27 July 2015

David Green: I don’t want the power to control internal investigations

The UK SFO’s director David Green has rejected the idea of giving the agency the power to control a company’s internal investigation, in a GIR roundtable debate between government enforcers and private practitioners on corporate internal investigations.

23 July 2015

GIR investigations roundtable: overview

Michael Bowes QC and Eleanor Davison of Outer Temple Chambers provide a summary of the GIR corporate internal investigations roundtable debate.

23 July 2015

Four Yara executives convicted in “landmark” Norwegian foreign bribery case

The conviction of four former top executives at fertiliser company Yara International for corruption sends a clear message to business leaders in Norway that they risk lengthy jail sentences for wrongdoing, says the lead prosecutor on the case.

08 July 2015

Former Yara CEO convicted of corruption

A court in Oslo has found four former executives at Norwegian fertiliser maker Yara International guilty of gross corruption. The case focused on the payment of bribes to officials in India and Libya to facilitate planned chemical and fertiliser projects

07 July 2015

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