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ECtHR dismisses Norway tax evasion double jeopardy appeal

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Europe’s top human rights court has affirmed that double jeopardy rules are not violated if dual proceedings are interconnected and conducted parallel to one another.

30 November 2016

Norwegian prosecutors will not appeal against Larsen acquittal

14 September 2016

Norwegian prosecutors suffer another major tax evasion defeat

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Norway’s second failed tax evasion prosecution echoes the collapsed Transocean case and shows police are still failing to conduct independent investigations into tax matters, says the defence counsel in the case.

06 September 2016

Investigator’s Guide to Norway

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Norway

With prosecutors and local lawyers unpersuaded by the value of internal investigations and an enforcement agency that many believe lacks sufficient oversight, Norway can be a challenging jurisdiction for investigators. Waithera Junghae went to Oslo to find out more.

25 August 2016

Norway’s Investigations Bar

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Norway’s investigations landscape is growing as corporate law firms and medium-sized firms are increasingly having to offer companies corporate criminal defence advice.

18 August 2016

Norway arrests miltary leader in corruption investigation

06 July 2016

Transocean: the collapse of Norway’s largest tax evasion case

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Norway

Hanne Skaarberg Holen, counsel to Transocean, says she believes Norwegian prosecutors indicted one of her colleagues to maintain access to legally privileged information.

22 June 2016

IBA Paris: French DPAs will speed up corruption investigations

A French prosecutor has welcomed a bill that would introduce a DPA-style settlement tool in France, a day after the lower house of the French parliament voted to approve it.

16 June 2016

Marianne Djupesland: Yara, Telenor and waiving privilege

In an interview with GIR, Marianne Djupesland, the head of corruption at Norway’s prosecution authority Økokrim rejects Transparency International’s 2015 criticisms that the country has a “moderate enforcement rate” and reiterates that companies do not have to waive privilege to be seen as cooperative – despite practitioners telling GIR otherwise.

02 June 2016

Norway’s National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim)

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While generally praising of Økokrim, lawyers expressed concern that there is insufficient separation between the investigatory and decision-making parts of the agency.

02 June 2016

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