Region: Nigeria

Dutch court rules in favour of whistleblower in Shell case

11 September 2020

Nigeria demands $1.1 billion in compensation in OPL 245 bribery case

10 September 2020

Ex-Nigerian oil minister’s move to stop seizure of luxury jet thwarted

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Nigeria has edged closer to seizing a luxury jet that the country’s former oil minister Dan Etete allegedly purchased with illicitly obtained money from a $1.3 billion oil deal after a Canadian court dismissed his appeal against the seizure order.

04 September 2020

Dutch ambassador leaked confidential information about OPL 245 investigation to Shell

04 June 2020

UK court halts Nigeria’s OPL 245 lawsuit against oil companies

A UK judge has denied Nigeria’s attempt to pursue oil companies Shell and Eni over alleged bribes paid to government officials to win rights to a lucrative oil field.

22 May 2020

US returns $311 million in misappropriated assets to Nigeria

05 May 2020

Nigeria tells UK court that bribery lawsuit is not time-barred

The government of Nigeria has rejected arguments that it took too long to file its lawsuit against Shell and Eni over alleged bribery in the country.

29 April 2020

UK NCA opposes plan to return allegedly stolen funds to Nigerian governor

08 April 2020

Shell denies asking for a settlement in OPL245 investigation

26 February 2020

US, Nigeria and Jersey agree to repatriate $300 million in stolen assets to Nigeria

04 February 2020

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