Region: Lithuania

Lithuanian sentenced to eight years in prison for laundering billions through Danske Bank

23 June 2022

Lithuanian convicted over Danske Bank money laundering scheme

17 June 2022

Swedbank ex-CEO charged over money laundering scandal

Prosecutors have accused the former head of Swedish lender Swedbank, Birgitte Bonnesen, of downplaying the bank’s anti-money laundering failures.

04 January 2022

Baltic authorities target Estonian bank in coordinated action

Financial regulators in the Baltic states have urged Estonian bank Luminor to improve its anti-money laundering measures after authorities conducted coordinated searches that revealed deficiencies in its branches across the region.

26 August 2021

Lithuania regulator revokes Wirecard-linked fintech company’s licence

09 June 2021

German authorities probe Lithuanian startup’s role in Wirecard scandal

17 May 2021

Lithuania drops Alstom-linked corruption probe

21 April 2020

Subjects of German EAWs given “get out of jail free” card

The European Court of Justice has found that the procedures that German public prosecutor’s offices use to issue European arrest warrants do not meet European standards, a decision that invalidates all EAWs issued by German public prosecutors.

28 May 2019

Nordic and Baltic financial regulators vow to enhance AML cooperation

09 May 2019

Former Alstom Power executive found guilty of corruption following retrial

The conviction means all the results of the SFO’s prosecution of Alstom’s subsidiaries Alstom Network UK and Alstom Power and several former executives can now be reported.

19 December 2018

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