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SFO: decision to investigate ENRC didn’t hinge on Gerrard leaks

The UK’s anti-fraud agency has told a London court that it received intelligence from various sources besides ENRC’s former solicitor before deciding to investigate the Kazakh miner.

14 March 2023

ENRC: no SFO investigation without agency’s “unlawful” conduct

At the outset of a civil trial to establish how much ENRC was harmed by a series of confidential leaks, the company has tried to frame the SFO’s criminal investigation into the Kazakh miner as stemming from unlawful behaviour within the agency.

07 March 2023

London judge withdraws from Gerrard contempt case

A High Court judge has decided against overseeing a contempt of court case that Kazakh mining company ENRC wants to bring against its former solicitor Neil Gerrard because there is a “real possibility” he would prejudge the matter.

24 February 2023

Airbus enters second foreign bribery settlement in France

The French prosecution agency told GIR that it couldn’t include the Libyan and Kazakh bribery matters in the company’s record-breaking settlement in 2020 because the investigating magistrate handling the cases hadn’t formally charged Airbus at the time.

25 November 2022

US obtains warrant for oligarch’s $90 million Airbus

A US federal judge has signed off on a request to seize a $90 million aeroplane owned by sanctioned Russian oligarch Andrei Skoch.

12 August 2022

Court slams ex-Dechert partner’s “almost unimaginable” misconduct on ENRC probe

“I have little doubt that Mr [Neil] Gerrard had a large ego and a belief that he is always right and expected others to follow him implicitly,” the court said in an excoriating judgment concluding that the lawyer repeatedly leaked ENRC’s confidential information to the SFO.

16 May 2022

Tycoon targets investigations consultancy over alleged data violations

A Singapore resident has sued intelligence provider S-RM over its provision of reports to Morgan Stanley and other clients that allegedly contained unsubstantiated claims of corruption and fraud and may have involved illegal international data transfers.

21 January 2022

Kazakhstan to set up new fund using seized assets

20 January 2022

ENRC accuses law firm of “extremely troubling” privilege violations

Mining company ENRC wants to stop a London law firm from acting for the ex-prime minister of Kazakhstan, who faces a civil trial for allegedly leaking confidential information to the SFO.

11 January 2022

ENRC barrister: SFO investigation is based on dishonest conduct

Kazakh mining company ENRC kicked off the first day of closing submissions in an explosive London civil trial by taking aim at the origins of the SFO investigation into its operations and alleged dishonesty by its former lawyer.

22 September 2021

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