Region: Japan

51. UBS Japan 2012 ($1,523 million)

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When UBS was fined US$1.5 billion in 2012 for rigging Libor, it was the second-largest corporate penalty ever imposed on a bank, after HSBC’s US$1.9 billion forfeit for money laundering the same year.

14 March 2019

Nissan began plea deal talks a month before Ghosn’s arrest

11 March 2019

Former Mitsubishi execs found guilty of bribery in Japan’s first plea deal

05 March 2019

Former Nissan chairman to be released on bail

05 March 2019

Hong Kong ruling affirms SFC’s right to share evidence with foreign regulators

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Lawyers said the ruling also confirms that individuals and companies have a right against self-incrimination when responding to a notice that compels them to produce information.

25 February 2019

OCC serves cease-and-desist order on Japan’s largest bank

25 February 2019

Former Nissan chairman hires fresh legal team

13 February 2019

Renault’s legal team criticises Nissan’s investigation into Ghosn

11 February 2019

SEC investigating Nissan over executive pay disclosure

28 January 2019

Renault seeks new leaders as Ghosn resigns

24 January 2019

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