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Japan plans to boost prosecutors’ powers in financial crimes

Japan is discussing proposals to expand public prosecutors’ white-collar crime enforcement powers by introducing plea bargains for individuals.

15 July 2014

Auto-parts exec jailed in cartel case

An executive of Japan-based Denso has agreed to serve one year and one day in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to price fix automative intrument panel clusters sold to Honda of America Manufacturing, the US Department of Justice has announced.

01 July 2014

Deutsche Bank misconduct in Japan even more widespread

Deutsche Bank’s alleged illegal entertainment of officials in Japan might have been even more widespread than originally thought. Bloomberg reports to have a seen a document prepared by Japan’s financial regulator and the bank indicating that between 2010 and 2012, Deutsche Bank’s Japanese securities unit spent ¥22.

18 June 2014

US charges 35th individual in auto parts cartel

A grand jury in Detroit has indicted former Takata executive Gijou Nakajima with taking part in a conspiracy to fix the prices of seatbelts. Nakajima was the company's customer relations director until June 2009.

06 June 2014

Drago Kos: We need to step up the pressure

The chairman of the OECD’s working group on bribery and corruption said the organisation will be ramping up its efforts to persuade member states to get tough on corruption – and to prevent non-members from abusing their position.

04 June 2014

Japanese auto parts exec will need to be extradited, lawyer says

The lawyer representing an indicted Japanese auto parts executive has said the US Department of Justice will need to seek extradition if they want him to face charges of fixing the price of heater control panels and then trying to destroy evidence linking him to the alleged conspiracy.

23 May 2014

Japanese politician finds "unnatural" Tibor movements

Mikishi Daimon, a Communist Party member of Japan’s House of Councillors, last Thursday told Japan’s parliament that there are “unusual movements” in the Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate (Tibor), a financial benchmark similar to Libor.

19 May 2014

Vietnam arrests four in railway bribery probe

Four railway officials in Vietnam have been arrested as part of an investigation into accusations a Japanese firm used bribes to win a railway contract, after the government vowed to vigorously investigate potential bribery in the bid.

08 May 2014

NDRC and DoJ may be cooperating on capacitor investigation

In what could be a first for both agencies, the US Department of Justice and China’s National Development and Reform Commission may be coordinating, along with other major antitrust enforcers, on a sprawling investigation of potential wrongdoing by capacitor manufacturers, according to a source close to the investigation.

07 May 2014

Former Deutsche Bank employee admits to bribing Japanese public official

A former Deutsche Bank employee today admitted to bribing a pension fund manager in Japan, who under local law qualifies as a public official.

22 April 2014

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