Region: Ireland

CJEU: EAWs should not be enforced if “real risk” to fair trial exists

30 July 2018

Ireland’s new trade secrets regulation to temper whistleblower protection

Ireland has amended its whistleblower protection laws to comply with an EU directive on trade secrets.

09 July 2018

Former Anglo Irish Bank CEO found guilty

07 June 2018

Ireland ushers in AML bill as EU deadline looms

24 April 2018

Central Bank of Ireland proposes tougher stance on white-collar crime

10 January 2018

Supreme Court to hear Microsoft overseas data case

The US Supreme Court has said it will review a dispute between Microsoft and the federal government over whether prosecutors have the right to demand data the company holds abroad.

17 October 2017

US judge orders Google to hand over emails stored abroad

11 August 2017

US state attorneys general urge Supreme Court to review Microsoft warrant ruling

03 August 2017

Ireland to introduce corporate criminal liability bill “in weeks”

Ireland will soon publish a long-awaited bill to replace seven existing anti-corruption laws and clarify corporate liability for corruption offences, the country’s justice minister Charlie Flanagan said on 29 June.

30 June 2017

EU fraud watchdog examines alleged misuse of funds by Irish police

22 June 2017

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