Region: Iraq

Big Pharma bribes funded terrorist attacks, lawsuit says

US army veterans are suing five pharmaceutical companies for allegedly bribing Iraqi officials who then passed on the money to a terrorist organisation that carried out attacks on the plaintiff soldiers.

19 October 2017

ASIC obtains civil penalty in long running Oil-For-Food probe

10 April 2017

Challenges to SFO investigations should be rare, UK court says

Following Unaoil’s failed application for judicial review companies and individuals will find it difficult to contest SFO investigations, lawyers say.

04 April 2017

ASIC continues fight against individuals in Oil-For-Food investigation

The Australian securities enforcer has appealed against a court decision absolving a former Australian Wheat Board executive of responsibility for alleged UN sanctions breaches.

21 February 2017

Court documents reveal links between SFO investigations into Rolls-Royce and Unaoil

25 November 2016

Defence corruption has cost Iraq over US$100 billion, auditors find

17 March 2016

European oil companies argue it’s impossible to bribe an entire government

Featured in Investigator's Guide to France

Payments in contravention of the UN oil-for-food programme were legal in Iraq and so do not count as bribes, the defence counsel for Total and Vitol told a Paris appeals court.

13 November 2015

Eversheds boosts Paris team with UN oil-for-food programme defence lawyer

Sophie Scemla has joined Eversheds’ litigation and dispute management practice from Heenan Paris.

03 September 2015

KBR privilege decision: no alarm bells ringing

On 11 August, US appeals court judges vacated a district court decision that they said would send alarm bells ringing in corporate general counsel offices throughout the US, if upheld. GIR looks at how the appeal court reached its decision and restored order to the notion of privilege in the US.

18 August 2015

KBR wins second victory in internal investigation privilege battle

A US appeals court has overturned a decision that it says would have undermined the principle of attorney-client privilege in internal investigations.

13 August 2015

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