Region: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Iron Mountain submits explanation for Iran sanctions issue

Information management company Iron Mountain says that the possible US sanctions violations it disclosed to the Treasury Department in 2020 were “inadvertent”.

25 February 2021

Canadian court orders AG to turn over US charging documents to Iranian executive

24 February 2021

US animal health company discloses criminal sanctions probe

New Jersey-based Zoetis has reported potential Iranian sanctions violations to the US Justice Department after conducting an investigation into historic sales by a company it acquired.

17 February 2021

Huawei accuses US prosecutors of sitting on exculpatory evidence

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has accused US prosecutors of making insufficient and delayed disclosures of potentially exculpatory material in a repeated request for information it says is critical to its defence.

08 February 2021

US prosecutors target China-bound oil shipment

Federal prosecutors in Washington, DC, are attempting to seize a shipment of crude oil allegedly being transported to China at the direction of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

03 February 2021

US adhesives company avoids penalty as OFAC probe ends

Minnesota-based adhesives manufacturer HB Fuller says the US Treasury Department has concluded an investigation into potential breaches of sanctions on Iran with a warning.

27 January 2021

Canadian bank can appeal against penalty for closing account over sanctions concerns

30 November 2020

US charges Taiwan and Brunei procurement companies over Iran shipments

11 November 2020

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