Region: India

Indian PM accused of attempting to water down anti-corruption law

25 October 2016

Wal-Mart rejects proposed US$600 million US settlement

07 October 2016

India CBI considers Embraer corruption investigation

16 September 2016

India seeks more information from Embraer over DOJ bribery investigation

12 September 2016

CBI goes to Italy for AgustaWestland tips

28 July 2016

India Supreme Court provides interpretation of bribery law

20 June 2016

India bans 112 entities from market over tax evasion

17 June 2016

India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

Featured in The Due Process Guide 2016

Lawyers said the CBI has the best due process of any of Indian economic crime enforcer. But even so, there are a few major due process question marks hanging over the CBI, including media reports of torture during interrogations.

02 June 2016

India wants to speak to contacts of alleged AgustaWestland middleman

01 June 2016

AgustaWestland bribery probe hindered by lack of cross-border cooperation

A Milan appeals court has accused the Indian government of failing to assist Italian authorities in investigating allegations that Anglo-Italian aircraft manufacturer AgustaWestland paid bribes to win a US$753 million contract.

27 April 2016

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