Region: Hong Kong

ICAC investigating new Hong Kong chief executive

29 March 2017

Hong Kong chief executive sues Clifford Chance tax partner for defamation

07 March 2017

2017: What’s coming up?

With enforcement agencies around the world ramping up the fight against economic crime, and a new, unpredictable US government, 2017 is set to be a tumultuous year. In December 2016 we invited six leading lawyers from the UK, Germany, the US and Hong Kong to give their predictions on what will be the big issues for investigations specialists over the coming 12 months.

22 February 2017

Hong Kong's former chief executive sentenced after long-running corruption probe

22 February 2017

Hong Kong ex-chief executive held in custody ahead of sentencing

20 February 2017

ZTE US sanctions settlement likely to have material impact

16 February 2017

Hong Kong Investigator’s Guide

Featured in Investigator’s Guide to Hong Kong

GIR looks at the intricacies of carrying out investigations in Hong Kong, including political considerations, data protection regulations and the city’s unique mosaic of enforcement bodies.

06 February 2017

The good, the bad and the ugly: tell GIR about the enforcers you work with

GIR wants to hear your views on the due process policies and procedures of the government enforcement agencies and prosecutor’s offices you work with every day. The deadline for the 2017 Due Process Guide survey has been extended to 10 February.

03 February 2017

Hong Kong Bar Survey

Featured in Investigator’s Guide to Hong Kong

GIR takes an inside look at Hong Kong’s burgeoning white-collar bar and meets the region’s go-to lawyers for complex fraud, corruption and money laundering cases.

30 January 2017

Attempt to check US government investigations powers ends at Supreme Court

06 December 2016

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