Region: Greece

Greek lawyers accuse prosecutors of extending charges to secure extradition

28 February 2019

Corruption prosecutor resigns from Greek Novartis investigation

30 January 2019

French banker disappears while on corruption trial in Greece

21 November 2018

Shipping fuel company under investigation by Manhattan federal prosecutors

An audit committee for New York-listed shipping fuel supplier Aegean Marine Petroleum has claimed that up to $300 million of company assets were misappropriated through fraudulent activities, in an investigation that has been reported to US authorities.

02 November 2018

Greek prosecutors charge 10 with fraud and money laundering

30 October 2018

Greek parliament sidesteps Novartis investigation

30 April 2018

Novartis faces scrutiny in China as Greek investigation continues

05 April 2018

Greek parliament sets up Novartis investigation committee

06 March 2018

Former Greek PM sues current PM for slander over Novartis allegations

15 February 2018

Greek ex-ministers reject Novartis bribery allegations

Greece’s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has called for a parliamentary inquiry into former ministers accused of accepting bribes from Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis.

14 February 2018

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