Region: Greece

Greek parliament sidesteps Novartis investigation

30 April 2018

Novartis faces scrutiny in China as Greek investigation continues

05 April 2018

Greek parliament sets up Novartis investigation committee

06 March 2018

Former Greek PM sues current PM for slander over Novartis allegations

15 February 2018

Greek ex-ministers reject Novartis bribery allegations

Greece’s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has called for a parliamentary inquiry into former ministers accused of accepting bribes from Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis.

14 February 2018

Ten Greek politicians caught up in Novartis investigation

06 February 2018

Russia blasts Greek decision to extradite Bitcoin trader to US

09 October 2017

Russia and US set for extradition tussle over bitcoin trader

20 September 2017

Former minister found guilty of money-laundering in Greece

31 July 2017

German prosecutors reward cooperation in Atlas foreign bribery settlement

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Germany

Atlas Elektronik’s cooperation and new compliance programme helped the company avoid a fine in its foreign bribery settlement with German prosecutors.

06 June 2017

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