Region: Germany

Internal investigation uncovers suspicious accounting at Wirecard

01 February 2019

Germany beats US in extradition request connected to Panama Papers revelations

German national and former investment manager Dirk Brauer was extradited from France to Germany on 24 January in connection with a money laundering investigation stemming from the Panama Papers data leak.

28 January 2019

Deutsche Bank faces more US scrutiny over money laundering

25 January 2019

Ex-UBS banker convicted of economic espionage

22 January 2019

US-indicted ex-Mossack Fonseca employee extradited to Germany

21 January 2019

US indicts four former Audi execs over emissions scandal

A federal grand jury in Detroit indicted four ex-Audi managers on 17 January for their alleged role in installing illegal devices in diesel cars to pass emissions tests.

18 January 2019

Cologne prosecutors investigate cum-ex pension fraud

17 January 2019

Deutsche Bank opens second investigation into Danske Bank role

17 January 2019

Swiss UBS case shows “bank secrecy law is not dead”, lawyers say

Featured in Investigator’s Guide to Switzerland

Swiss federal prosecutors want a four-year prison term to be imposed on a fugitive ex-UBS employee who allegedly stole and sold client data to German tax authorities in 2010.

10 January 2019

BaFin orders Deutsche Bank to re-examine 20,000 customers against AML requirements

10 January 2019

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