Region: European Union

EU court denies Syrian businessmen’s attempt to throw off sanctions

13 July 2020

EBA closes its investigation into Danish and Estonian regulators

17 April 2019

EU approves new whistleblowing protections

16 April 2019

Incoming EBA chairman: more resources needed to tackle EU money laundering

27 February 2019

Romania to block former anti-corruption head from becoming EU’s top prosecutor

05 February 2019

European Court of Auditors criticises OLAF and urges reform

11 January 2019

EU proposes strengthening European Banking Authority's powers

20 December 2018

Microsoft calls for shared global cross-border data sharing principles

12 September 2018

The Justice Department demands firms “get creative” to obtain overseas data

Lawyers report that the US Justice Department won’t fully credit a company for cooperating with an investigation unless its lawyers exhaust all possible workarounds to obtain information held outside the US.

28 June 2018

The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)

Featured in The Due Process Guide 2017

The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) is a new addition to the Due Process Guide, having become increasingly active in recent years, and making headlines in January 2017 when its investigation into the construction of a Hungarian metro line found that more than £400 million was lost due to fraud and corruption.

05 July 2017

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