Region: European Union

EPPO and OLAF enhance cooperation

05 July 2021

MEPs call for EU to stop funding Slovenia over lack of EPPO prosecutors

30 June 2021

EU Court of Auditors criticises bloc’s anti-money laundering enforcement

29 June 2021

OLAF opened more investigations in 2020

10 June 2021

EPPO kicks off its fight against corruption

The EU’s public prosecution office is set to launch its operations after appointing over 100 prosecutors from 22 countries.

01 June 2021

Guidance on EU law blocking US sanctions prompts more questions

“On balance, this guidance is likely to make life more difficult for EU companies,” said one sanctions expert.

13 May 2021

EU’s highest court clarifies law blocking US sanctions

The EU’s highest court has said in an opinion that a German company should reinstate its relationship with an Iranian bank if the decision to cut ties was made only to comply with US sanctions.

12 May 2021

EU court: double jeopardy trumps Interpol red notices

The EU’s top court has ruled that a German citizen could not be extradited to the US to face bribery allegations on an Interpol red notice because of the double jeopardy principle.

12 May 2021

Italian prosecutor: Brexit harms UK’s fight against cross-border crime

29 April 2021

EU sets out roadmap to boost law enforcement cooperation

15 April 2021

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