Region: Europe

Germany launches probe into Bosch over possible Russia sanctions breaches

21 March 2022

Ropes white-collar co-head moves to Dechert

As Judith Seddon joined Dechert’s white-collar team, she spoke to GIR about her aspirations at the new firm, her thoughts about the “long overdue” Economic Crime Act, and the funding of the UK’s criminal justice system.

21 March 2022

PNF and AFA publish draft guidance for corruption investigations

Their goal is to encourage internal investigations in France, in the hope companies will then share more frequently the results of their investigations with the authorities,” said one lawyer.

17 March 2022

Interpol launches financial crime and corruption initiative

Practitioners said the self-described apolitical organisation has entered the financial crime arena at a moment when many future investigations will likely be driven by geopolitical tensions.

16 March 2022

OECD bribery group announces new chair

The OECD’s working group on bribery has elected a Dutch prosecutor currently working at the European Public Prosecutor’s Office as its new chair.

16 March 2022

US insurer resolves legacy Colombian bribery investigation

Colombian authorities have fined an insurance business in a bribery case that has caught the eye of the UK’s Serious Fraud Office and has led to an in-principle declination from the Justice Department.

15 March 2022

UK greenlights Economic Crime Bill

The UK government has added a number of amendments to its new economic crime legislation, including awarding the government new powers to fast-track individuals and companies onto its sanctions list.

15 March 2022

Munich prosecutors charge former Wirecard CEO

Prosecutors have outlined a scheme where Wirecard executives allegedly faked profits and embezzled funds from the business via loans to third-party companies.

14 March 2022

Swedbank summoned by Estonian authorities in money laundering probe

14 March 2022

US banks begin to leave Russia amid barrage of sanctions

Flooded with sanctions concerns, financial institutions are beginning to act one week after major US companies started pulling the plug on their business in Russia.

11 March 2022

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