Region: Estonia

Estonia identifies 1,500 cases of sanctions evasion

23 March 2023

EU accuses eight countries of failing to adopt whistleblower measures

16 February 2023

Danske Bank to pay $671m in Denmark over AML failures

Denmark has handed Danske Bank the country’s largest-ever penalty for breaching anti-money laundering laws by failing to monitor and report suspicious transactions in Estonia.

14 December 2022

Danske Bank puts aside $2bn to resolve money laundering probe

27 October 2022

DOJ charges individuals, companies for shipping military tech to Russia

In separate cases in Connecticut and New York, prosecutors filed charges against defendants for smuggling Venezuelan oil and selling US military technology, including a tool used for nuclear proliferation, to Russia.

20 October 2022

Danske Bank in talks with US and Denmark over money laundering probe

28 April 2022

Swedbank summoned by Estonian authorities in money laundering probe

14 March 2022

Estonia to charge 15 former Danske Bank executives

24 February 2022

Swedbank ex-CEO charged over money laundering scandal

Prosecutors have accused the former head of Swedish lender Swedbank, Birgitte Bonnesen, of downplaying the bank’s anti-money laundering failures.

04 January 2022

European court: Estonia’s privilege system breaches human rights

The European Court of Human Rights has found that Estonia’s legal system lacks crucial protections regarding the legal professional privilege of lawyers under investigation.

17 November 2021

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