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The future of the investigations firm

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Companies are increasingly finding themselves under scrutiny: from government enforcement actions, media probes, whistleblower claims and more. GIR invited six leading specialists to explore how firms should position themselves over the coming years to meet an increased demand for effective and prudent investigations.

30 April 2018

Standard Chartered head of compliance placed on leave pending internal investigation

16 March 2018

London magistrates' court blocks former SBM Offshore VP travel request

An English district judge has blocked a request on 7 December to allow SBM Offshore vice-president Stephen Whiteley to return to his home in Malaysia while out on bail, labelling him a flight risk.

07 December 2017

US arrests Briton who stopped WannaCry attack

04 August 2017

David Green: English lawyers need to learn more about DPAs

English lawyers don’t understand the DPA process as much as their colleagues in the US ­– the birthplace of the agreements – the head of the UK Serious Fraud Office said on 10 November.

10 November 2016

Internal investigations and the FCA

Tony Woodcock and Ellen Gallagher of Stephenson Harwood in London look at how companies regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority should handle internal investigations, including issues of self-reporting, disclosure and handling employee conflicts of interest

27 October 2016

BAT and Philip Morris in South Korea tax evasion probe

30 August 2016

IBA Paris: French DPAs will speed up corruption investigations

A French prosecutor has welcomed a bill that would introduce a DPA-style settlement tool in France, a day after the lower house of the French parliament voted to approve it.

16 June 2016

SFO charges seventh individual in Alstom probe

29 March 2016

Standard Bank case “an object lesson in how to cooperate”

The Standard Bank UK DPA illustrates how cooperation with law enforcement authorities can work in practice, says the SFO's general counsel Alun Milford. Marieke Breijer in Prague

22 March 2016

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