Region: England

Two UK companies settle bribery allegations

The case marks the first time that the SFO has agreed more than one DPA from a single investigation.

20 July 2021

Airbus subsidiary pleads guilty in Saudi corruption case

A London court ordered GPT Special Project Management to pay a £30 million penalty in a case that has prompted an NGO to call for a parliamentary inquiry into the UK government’s knowledge of bribes paid to high-level Saudi officials.

28 April 2021

Whistleblowing: Effective handling of whistleblower allegations at financial institutions

Polly James and Catherine Turner at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner in London explore what makes investigating whistleblower disclosures particularly tricky, what mindset is required to conduct these investigations successfully, and what best practice for conducting them might look like.

11 February 2021

SFO drops case against four Euribor traders

Courts in France and Germany have blocked the extradition of individuals that the UK’s anti-fraud office had sought to prosecute since late 2015.

10 June 2020

Spoofing: Why does UK enforcement lag behind the US?

King & Spalding’s Zach Fardon, Aaron Stephens, Patrick Montgomery and Joanna Harris discuss the distinct legal frameworks applicable to “spoofing” cases in the US versus the UK, and why UK enforcement efforts may appear lacklustre compared to the US.

21 May 2020

Airbus GC: I have total faith in the integrity of Dechert

Featured in In-house

“You have to show some loyalty to these people, because they stick their neck out for their client,” Airbus’ general counsel John Harrison told GIR.

20 May 2020

An interview with Airbus GC John Harrison

Featured in In-house

In an exclusive interview with GIR, the Airbus GC provides a behind-the-scenes look at the process to agree the largest foreign bribery resolution to date, discusses his considerations around self-reporting, presents further detail on the individual hired to oversee the company’s consent agreement with the State Department, and more.

20 May 2020

UK prosecutors’ task made easier by Court of Appeal decision

John Gibson and Tim Harris of Cohen & Gresser in London discuss the implications of the Court of Appeal’s recent judgment in Barton, which has definitively consigned the Ghosh dishonesty test to legal history, but in doing so, has replaced it with a test that is arguably unfair for defendants charged with dishonesty offences and which could lead to greater confusion for juries.

14 May 2020

DPAs: worth the price of cooperation for companies fighting multiple fronts?

Alexandra Webster and Stephen Gentle at Simmons & Simmons in London examine the particular challenges that entering into a DPA with the SFO can create for companies defending related civil claims and regulatory investigations, and explore whether these agreements offer a route to reaching an overall outcome that is in the best interests of the company and its employees.

06 March 2020

Autonomy pumped its revenue to meet targets, court told

Autonomy’s former CEO Michael Lynch and its ex-chief financial officer Sushovan Hussain knowingly misled investors before HP bought the company for $11.1 billion in 2011, counsel to HP said on the opening day of a landmark civil fraud case.

25 March 2019

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