Region: Denmark

Denmark drops money laundering charges against former Danske Bank employees

07 January 2021

The Danish tax authority’s campaign to recoup cum-ex billions

Denmark has tasked its tax agency with chasing down $2 billion that the country says it has lost through cum-ex trades. GIR spoke with the agency about the operation.

11 November 2020

Behind Danske Bank’s recruitment drive to revamp its compliance

Featured in In-house

Philippe Vollot, Danske Bank’s chief compliance officer, spoke to GIR about his “obsession” with bringing in a new wave of experts to overhaul the bank’s compliance culture in the wake of a huge money laundering scandal.

15 September 2020

Germany charges six bankers in Danish and Belgian cum-ex scheme

14 August 2020

German prosecutors investigate Deutsche Bank’s delayed suspicious activity reports

15 October 2019

Danske Bank traders urged to make as many transactions as possible regardless of origin, says former banker

07 October 2019

Danske Bank’s Estonian arm goes into liquidation amid money laundering scandal

02 October 2019

Danske Bank aims to lead the Nordics’ fight against financial crime

Featured in In-house

Satnam Lehal, Danske Bank's head of financial crime compliance, spoke to GIR in an interview about the bank's response to one of the world's largest money laundering scandals.

25 September 2019

Former head of Danske Bank's Estonia unit found dead

25 September 2019

Head of Denmark's SØIK suspended

06 September 2019

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