Region: Denmark

OECD urges Denmark to take action on foreign bribery

16 March 2023

Danish agency examines insulation company over sanctions breach claims

The Danish Business Authority is “looking into” Rockwool after local media accused the insulation business of supplying the Russian military.

01 March 2023

Court approves Danske Bank’s US plea deal

06 January 2023

Danske Bank to pay $671m in Denmark over AML failures

Denmark has handed Danske Bank the country’s largest-ever penalty for breaching anti-money laundering laws by failing to monitor and report suspicious transactions in Estonia.

14 December 2022

Danish regulator reports local bank to police for suspected AML violations

29 November 2022

Danske Bank puts aside $2bn to resolve money laundering probe

27 October 2022

London judge orders extradition of alleged cum-ex trader to Denmark

Anthony Patterson faces up to 12 years in Danish prison if found guilty in the Nordic country.

20 September 2022

Lithuanian sentenced to eight years in prison for laundering billions through Danske Bank

23 June 2022

Lithuanian convicted over Danske Bank money laundering scheme

17 June 2022

Dubai police arrest British cum-ex suspect

The recent signing of an extradition treaty between Denmark and the UAE has paved the way for Dubai authorities to apprehend businessman Sanjay Shah on an international arrest warrant.

06 June 2022

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