Region: Cyprus

Oligarchs lawyer up for EU sanctions challenges

GIR looks at the lawyers hired to represent Russians seeking to overturn their European Union sanctions listings.

13 July 2022

FBME Bank raided in Cyprus

04 June 2019

Greek lawyers accuse prosecutors of extending charges to secure extradition

28 February 2019

FBME Bank appeal may continue without FBME Bank

A DC appeals court has demanded Quinn Emanuel explain why FBME Bank’s appeal against a 2015 FinCen ruling should continue after the bank itself suddenly withdrew from appeal proceedings.

05 October 2017

FinCEN made to re-visit FBME enforcement proceeding for the second time

A Washington, DC federal court has criticised FinCEN for deciding to cut Tanzania-based FBME Bank from the US financial system over money laundering concerns without adequately responding to comments and queries from the financial institution.

22 September 2016

FBME fights for constitutional due process rights

A Tanzanian bank that will be cut off from the US financial system by a FinCEN anti-money laundering regulation should not be afforded due process protections under the US constitution, the agency says.

14 June 2016

FBME resumes court battle with FinCEN

03 May 2016

FinCEN took six months to inform bank that it held privileged information

The US Treasury’s internal watchdog is investigating allegations that anti-money laundering regulator FinCEN improperly handled potentially privileged material provided to it by internal bank investigators acting without permission from their employer.

03 March 2016

FinCEN seeking additional comment about FBME money laundering claims

The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has reopened its final rule against Tanzanian bank FBME to gather additional comment on whether the financial institution is a “primary money laundering concern”.

01 December 2015

FinCEN accused of making empty due process promise

Tanzania-based bank FBME has dismissed as meaningless the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's (FinCEN) efforts to address due process concerns in the authority's money-laundering case against the bank.

03 November 2015

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