Region: Cuba

US politicians seek to clarify Cuba trafficking law as cases collapse

The ex-US senator who helped usher in the Helms-Burton Act is attempting to intervene in a claim against Visa and Mastercard to explain how Congress intended the law to apply.

14 July 2020

Amazon beats Cuban trafficking lawsuit

A US court has thrown out a lawsuit against online retailer Amazon for trafficking in seized Cuban property for a second time after considering additional evidence in the landmark case.

12 May 2020

OFAC settles with animal nutrition company over Cuba breaches

OFAC offered Biomin a penalty reduction based in part on its hiring of lawyers and export control experts to train senior management.

06 May 2020

Visa and Mastercard facing Helms-Burton lawsuit

A Cuban-American citizen is taking the companies to court for allegedly allowing tourists to reserve accommodation at four resorts built on property that he claims the Cuban government stole from his family in 1959.

27 April 2020

US court revives two Cuban trafficking lawsuits

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A Miami federal court has reopened lawsuits against two cruise lines accused of trafficking in property seized during the Cuban revolution due to an “error of law”.

20 April 2020

US court to consider beefed up Cuban trafficking lawsuit against Amazon

A US citizen suing Amazon for taking advantage of land confiscated by the Cuban government has submitted extra evidence in a push to revive his lawsuit against the online retailer.

26 March 2020

ExxonMobil serves summons on Cimex in Helms-Burton case

16 March 2020

Avianca Airlines under OFAC scrutiny over Cuba flights

The US Treasury Department is examining whether Colombia’s national carrier violated US sanctions on Cuba.

28 February 2020

Tourism industry attracts lion’s share of Helms-Burton cases

An analysis of all lawsuits filed against companies for trafficking in seized Cuban property reveals the industries most at risk of being sued.

21 February 2020

Florida court throws out Havana Docks Helms-Burton case

13 January 2020

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