Region: Cuba

Mining industry companies settle Cuba sanctions breaches

OFAC has fined a Colorado-based mining company and an equipment distributor in Florida for acquiring explosives originating from Cuba for use at a Suriname gold mine.

22 April 2022

Miami court blocks attempt to access cruise company’s legal advice

13 July 2021

Havana Club producer ends Cuba trafficking lawsuit

French alcoholic beverage producer Pernod Ricard has defeated a US lawsuit brought against it for allegedly profiting from seized Cuban property by selling Havana Club rum.

23 June 2021

LafargeHolcim reaches landmark resolution in Cuba trafficking case

The US-Cuban family who appears set to receive the first compensation from a Helms-Burton Act lawsuit sidestepped an issue that has scuppered similar cases.

02 June 2021

Canadian mining company defeats Cuba trafficking lawsuit

The ruling comes under a month after Visa and Mastercard dismissed a similar claim brought under the controversial Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

29 April 2021

Miami cruise line’s correspondence with lawyers targeted in Cuba trafficking lawsuit

The Havana Docks Corporation argues that parties who believe they’ve acted lawfully cannot claim attorney-client privilege over advice regarding the legality of their conduct.

23 March 2021

Eleventh Circuit dismisses appeal in Amazon Helm-Burton Act case

12 February 2021

US politicians seek to clarify Cuba trafficking law as cases collapse

The ex-US senator who helped usher in the Helms-Burton Act is attempting to intervene in a claim against Visa and Mastercard to explain how Congress intended the law to apply.

14 July 2020

Amazon beats Cuban trafficking lawsuit

A US court has thrown out a lawsuit against online retailer Amazon for trafficking in seized Cuban property for a second time after considering additional evidence in the landmark case.

12 May 2020

OFAC settles with animal nutrition company over Cuba breaches

OFAC offered Biomin a penalty reduction based in part on its hiring of lawyers and export control experts to train senior management.

06 May 2020

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