Region: China

Chinese semiconductor start-up becomes latest to challenge US sanctions

A Guangzhou-headquartered semiconductor start-up has launched a legal campaign to remove Trump-era sanctions imposed on it over alleged links to China’s military.

25 May 2021

US and Xiaomi propose end to China-military sanctions case

The US government has asked a Washington, DC federal court to order the dismissal of sanctions against Beijing-based electronics company Xiaomi that were imposed over now-disproven links to China’s military.

21 May 2021

Court prevents convicted ex-Coca-Cola engineer from interviewing jurors

13 May 2021

Swedish Ericsson probe closing in on former employees

Sweden is investigating alleged bribery by former Ericsson employees in Djibouti and two other countries, a local prosecutor told GIR in an interview.

12 May 2021

DOJ completes disclosure exercise in Huawei sanctions case

12 May 2021

Daewoo executives admit conspiracy to bribe Singaporean public official

Two executives at Korean infrastructure company Daewoo Engineering and Construction have pleaded guilty in Singapore over a scheme to bribe a high-ranking transport official.

07 May 2021

Chinese data company wins temporary reprieve from US sanctions

The decision hands a second significant defeat to US authorities over sanctions imposed on companies for their alleged ties to China’s military.

06 May 2021

Chinese citizen pleads guilty to illegally exporting marine equipment from the US

29 April 2021

Former Coca-Cola engineer convicted in trade secret theft case

A former senior engineer at drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola has been convicted in the US over a scheme to steal confidential chemical recipes for can coatings on behalf of a Chinese company.

23 April 2021

Huawei hits back at claims it shared restricted information with indicted CFO

Chinese telecoms company Huawei says allegations that it improperly shared sensitive material from a sanctions case are “baseless” and accused prosecutors of attempting to impose a gag order on public records in the proceedings.

22 April 2021

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